Solver Customization


SimModeler can be enhanced to meet specific solver needs. Through the use of attribute definitions, it is possible to create custom analysis attributes, or extend those provided. Once all solver attributes have been established, the values stored in each can be accessed through a custom C++ export plugin. This allows the user to control exactly how the solver input deck is created.


  • Attributes can be defined as required or optional
  • Set default values for common uses
  • Full access to the mesh and model during export

Custom Attribute Definitions - Hydra Toolkit Simulation Example

In the example above, a typical simulation of a catalytic converter is set up in SimModeler, using custom Hydra attributes. These attributes are defined through text files, and the text files are automatically processed by SimModeler to create the GUI interface (attribute windows as shown).

The Hydra Plugin which includes attributes as well as the Export code is provided as an example in the SimModeler SDK package, courtesy of Computational Sciences International.

Custom Export Plugin

Build your custom export plugin either for Windows using Visual Studios or for Linux using GCC. An example solution file for VS and Makefile for Linux is provided with the SimModeler SDK package.

The SDK provides a set of C++ API functions that give you full access to the model, the mesh, and your custom attributes.