Mesh Generation


SimModeler's meshing capabilities are tied very closely to the Simulation Modeling Suite's MeshSim Core and MeshSim Advanced modules. The features shown on Mesh Generation and Boundary Layers, as well as many other options, are all available through the SimModeler meshing attribute editor.

In addition to producing quality meshes, SimModeler Mesh Generation adds higher level functionality to make preparation easier. Some of these items are listed below.


  • Create multiple meshing and analysis cases to run different variations
  • Place sets of model entities in groups to easily apply attributes
  • Use variables in place of hard-coded values for quick changes
  • Auto-save models and meshes
  • Filter attributes by selected model entities
  • Graphical cues and auto-fill capabilities for certain mesh attributes
  • Templates provided for quick-fill of basic meshing attributes

Multiple Meshing Cases for Comparison Meshing

Below are examples of using different meshing cases on the same geometry. The meshing case interface allows for copying one case to another, turning on/off attributes within a case, and applying some quick templates to get the user up and running.

Model courtesy Steve James

Groups Definition for Attribute Application

Sets of model entities can be placed into named groups. Then the group can be used for attribute definition, and the attribute will be automatically applied to all model entities in the group.

Graphical Cues for Attributes

For some attributes, graphical cues help the end user with attribute placement. Above a cube refinement zone attribute is shown. Below is the resultant mesh.

Model courtesy Özcan Özaltın